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AMC4000 : Converter

AMC4000 Series

The Aliamag AMC4000 series converter is a microprocessor based intelligent transmitter that can be paired with any of the Alia AMF series sensors. The unit features multiple display parameters including flow rate, flow total, diagnostics, programming and troubleshooting.


 ● Battery life 2~3 years in normal working condition
 ● Accuracy of +/-0.3% value of reading
 ● Bi-directional flow measurement, current and pulse output
 ● 3 lines of LCD display flowrate and totalizer
 ● Records up to 99 power on/off time
 ● IP67 / IP68 protection class


Excitation:Low Flow Cutoff:
DC pulsed0 ~ 9.9 %
Display:Self Diagnosis:
3 lines of LCDThe following error message
Page 1/ Line 1 are displayed if failure occurs
5-digit flowrate- Coil failure
Page 1/ Line 2- Power failure
11-digit forward totalizer- Overranged output
Page 1/ Line 3- Internal error
Battery status, flow velocity- Overflow
Page 2/ Line 1- Empty pipe
11-digit totalizerCable Entry:
Page 2/ Line 2Standard :PG11  Option:1/2"NPTF
11-digit reverse totalizerProtection Class:
Page 2/ Line 3IP 67
Display instantaneous velocityIP 68 (Submersible)
Page 3Explosion Proof, Exd(ib)ibqIIBT5
AlarmAmbient Temp.:
Flow Unit:
-25 ~ +65 oC
M3/Hr, M3/min, M3/sec, L/Hr, L/minHousing Material:
GPH, GPM, GPS, ML/H, ML/m, ML/SAluminum alloy
Totalizer Unit:Power Supply:
M3, Gallon, Liter, ML3.6V battery, Size D
Measuring Range:Battery Life:
Min.  0 ~ 0.15 m/s2~3 years
Max. 0 ~ 15.0 m/sDetermined by size & function
Accuracy:Communication Protocol:
+/-0.3% of reading (Velocity >=0.5 m/s)RS 485 (MODBUS protocol)
+/-0.0015 m/s (Velocity£¼0.5 m/s)Weight:
Repeatability:2.0 Kg (Compact)
+/-0.05% of reading4.3 Kg (Separate)
Pulse Output:Mounting:
Open collectorWall mounting
LoadBracket on 2" pipe
3 ~ 30 Vdc, max. 20 mACompact version ( Installed on sensor)
Pulse Rate: 
1)Scaled pulse ( Liter/Pulse, other) 
2)Frequency: 1~5000 Hz 
4 control keys to change parameters 
and switch display interface 
Data Storage: 
Operation parameters and totalizer are  
stored by EEPROM for more than 10 years